We have an after hour’s key drop slot at the front of the building. It is the black box on the wall, located to the right of the front door. There are key envelopes and pencils provided. Please fill out the form on the front of the envelope and seal your keys inside, and then drop it in the slot. Please make sure phone # is legible so we can contact you. (All vehicles left outside after business hours are left at customer’s risk.)

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Thane’s “Big T” Auto Repair has been around for over 30 years. Thane grew up in the automotive industry and cut his teeth at a young age driving and repairing school buses in the small town of Viscount SK. As he came of age he worked at a few jobs around SK, eventually moving to the Vancouver area and working in a shop for a few years out west.

Eventually Thane decided it was time to move back to SK and open his own shop. He leased a small building on 41st street for a few years and eventually ended up moving and expanding into our current location (1.5 blocks away) where we have been for 25+ years now.

After a few years of doing general repairs Thane had the opportunity to purchase “Prairie Engine Rebuilders” and moved all of the equipment into the back section at our current location. After getting the machine shop up and running, Thane had another opportunity to purchase “Universal Engine Rebuilders” and moved all of that equipment into the building. We can now offer full engine machine shop service along with all general and most exotic repairs.

With nearly 100 combined years of experience in the industry, our techs work hard to provide a “one stop shop” for nearly all of your vehicle repairs.