We have an after hour’s key drop slot at the front of the building. It is the black box on the wall, located to the right of the front door. There are key envelopes and pencils provided. Please fill out the form on the front of the envelope and seal your keys inside, and then drop it in the slot. Please make sure phone # is legible so we can contact you. (All vehicles left outside after business hours are left at customer’s risk.)

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Engine Machine Shop!

We are a full service engine machine shop, specializing machining & rebuilding of gasoline & diesel engines & cylinder heads. We house a variety of top quality engine rebuilding equipment and can handle most Domestic, European, Asian, Agricultural, Heavy Duty, & Oil field engines. Our Machinists have over 20 years’ experience in the trade and strive to provide you with the best quality workmanship and service. We strive to provide our customer with the quickest turnaround time and friendliest service.

-Complete cylinder head service including;
-Valve guide replacement & refinishing
-Valve Seat replacement & refinishing (multi angle available)
-Valve grinding
-Setting of clearances for valves/rockers
-Vacuum testing (Valve sealing)
-Disassembly & Reassembly of Engines
-Hot tank & Jet wash Cleaning for all parts
-Measuring of all clearances/tolerances
-Magnafluxing to check for cracks in castings
-Glassbead/Sandblasting for engine and other small parts
-Boring & Honing of Engine Blocks & Cylinders
Engine Machine Shop!
Engine Machine Shop
-Cylinder Sleeving
-Diamond Honing for Nicasil Cylinders
-Pressure testing
-Combustion chamber C.C.-ing
-Cylinder Head resurfacing
-Cylinder Block resurfacing & parallel decking
-Flywheel Resurfacing (flat & stepped)
-Crankshaft Polishing
-Engine balancing & blueprinting
-Connecting Rod rebuilding; resizing big ends, aligning, magnafluxing, pin-bushing installation & center
to center pin boring.
-Hydraulic pressing services
-Piston pin removal & installation
-Lathe & Milling machine work
-Broken bolt removal & thread repairs
-King pin bushing installation & honing