We have an after hour’s key drop slot at the front of the building. It is the black box on the wall, located to the right of the front door. There are key envelopes and pencils provided. Please fill out the form on the front of the envelope and seal your keys inside, and then drop it in the slot. Please make sure phone # is legible so we can contact you. (All vehicles left outside after business hours are left at customer’s risk.)

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Oil Change

At Thanes we go a step above when preforming an oil change. Every vehicle receiving an oil change at Thanes gets a 44 point inspection.

Including things like;
• Checking all the lights,
• ALL fluid levels and quality,
• Engine air filter & cabin air filter
• Tire pressures & tread wear,
• Under chassis visual inspection,
• Under hood visual inspection,
• Coolant quality test,
• Washer fluid top up,
• Full grease job on chassis and driveline (where applicable),
• and obviously changing the Engine oil & filter. (We use premium WIX filters and BOSS lubricants)